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Yale Park News - August 2014 Newsletter

Residential Burglary can be a devastating experience for anyone.  Regardless of where you may live a burglar could show up on your door step at any time.  Although there are many different ways to enter into a home, the burglar usually wants to ensure the home owner is not at home.  The easiest way to check to see if the owner is at home is by knocking on the front door or ringing the door bell.

Gas Leak Experience  -  I thought you would interested to know that after reading the story about faulty compression couplings in the Dallas Morning News, and watching your coverage on WFAA I decided to call and e-mail Atmos energy.

The NETWORK has launched its "Give Today For Their Tomorrow" Giving campaign by planning several educational events to be held over the final three months of the year.

Despite the rain we experienced consider a water saver kit.

Frequently Asked Questions from David Spigelmyer of the Richardson Police Department

The district is closing to the public both of its high school stadiums and also restricting public use of the B fields after several incidents of vandalism.

All residences and businesses of Richardson should have received a letter by mail from Mayor Gary Slagel dated March 2, 2007, on behalf of the Richardson City Council, regarding the threat facing our community with respect to sexually oriented businesses (SOBs).

There are times we all need help with home or equipment repairs, but sometimes finding a good and reliable contractor is hard to do.

Texas AgriLife Extension Service

Kimberly Schofield
Program Specialist-Urban IPM

•  Fall Webworms
•  Creepy Crane Flies
•  Whiteflies
•  Chili Thrips
•  Eerie Earwigs
•  Fire Ants
•  Creepy Carpenter Ants
•  Crickets Are Back!
•  Chiggers Anyone?
•  Crafty Carpenter Ants
•  Attack of the Cicada Killers
•  Fire Ants:  The Battle Returns
•  Time to Treat for Fire Ants
•  Fungus Gnats Fluttering Around
•  Emerging May and June Beetles
•  Fire Ant Workers and Fire Ant Mound
•  Are Honeybees Swarming in Your Backyard?
•  Beware of the Two-Spotted Spider Mites
•  Paper Wasp Nests Are Popping Up
•  Watch Out for Spring Cankerworms
•  Wetter Weather Could Mean Springtail Outbreaks
•  Irritating Earwigs Entering Structures
•  Prevention of Larger Animals Entering Homes This Season
•  Start of Termite Swarming Season
•  Attack of the Crazy Ant (Paratrechina sp.)
•  Using Biological Control In IPM Plans
•  White Grubs Destined To Destroy Turfgrass
•  Beware of the Two-Spotted Spider Mites
•  Fascinating Fleas Soon to Jump Around
•  Prevention of Larger Animals Entering Homes
•  Are Azalea Bark Scales Attacking Your Crape Myrtles?
•  Mosquitoes Potentially Carrying West Nile Virus Soon to Appear

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