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Beware of the Two-Spotted Spider Mites

The two-spotted spider mite is a common pest of many landscape and nursery plants.  Adult two-spotted spider mites are small, arachnids with dark spots on each side of their bodies.  They feed on the phloem on the underside of foliage, causing a speckled appearance.  The plant nutrients allow these mites to multiply rapidly, resulting in heavy infestations.  These large populations even cause dehydration and death to the plant.

Some Control Options:

Non-Chemical Control Options:

Biological Control:
There are many predators of the two-spotted spider mite that can be introduced or conserved, such as the minute pirate bug, big-eyed bug, green lacewing, and a variety of predatory mites such as Galendromus occidentalis, Phytoseiulus persimilis, and Neoseiulus californicus.  Some predatory mites require high humidity levels, so they are more effective indoors.

Some Chemical Control Options:

Some options include insecticidal soaps for use in the summer, dormant oils for use in the fall to spring to kill eggs and dormant adults.  Some other options include the active ingredient bifenthrin, cypermethrin, or a combination of imidacloprid and bifenthrin.  Repeat applications of insecticides to the underside of the foliage are usually needed to gain control.

Adult two-spotted spider mite
Adult two-spotted spider mite..
Photo by J.K. Clark, UC Davis.

Mention of commercial products is for educational purposes only and does not represent endorsement by Texas AgriLife Extension or The Texas A&M University System.  Insecticide label registrations are subject to change, and changes may have occurred since this publication was printed.  The pesticide user is always responsible for applying products in accordance with label directions.  Always read and carefully follow the instructions on the container label.

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